Cité de la Culture, Tunis

Study in Europe Fair

28 November 2019



Welcome to the registration page for the Study in Europe Fair - Tunis.

Please register by 17 November. The assignment of stands will be made on 18 November.

The fair has a maximum of 22 stands for promotion agencies, HE institutions and embassies from Erasmus+ Programme Countries. The objective of Study in Europe is to provide a platform for as wide a range of countries as is possible. While the Commission welcomes all interested exhibitors, it will also need to assign stands on an equitable basis. In cases where there is over-subscription from a particular country, the Commission will revert to the applicant exhibitors and the national promotion agency concerned to find a practical solution whereby everyone can take part.
Some practical details about the fair:
Free booth
Booth size: 2mX2m
Every booth will have a top banner with institution name and country and will contain a brochure rack, a table, two chairs, a cupboard for storage and an electrical connexion. Every posters and communication materials may be attached to the booth. Sandwiches for lunch and refreshments will be offered to the exhibitors.
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