Fair of European Innovators in Cultural  Heritage

15 - 16 November 2018, Brussels

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The Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage is a policy initiative that will help to disseminate R&I results, create new synergies among key stakeholders and bridge the gap between research, market and society. It will connect three main 'worlds' :

  1. Innovators and researchers; 
  2. Investors and businesses;
  3. End-users of innovations (municipalities, public bodies, cultural institutions, etc.)
The initiative is empowered by the H2020 Marina and ROCK projects, which are establishing the innovative web-platform called: 'Innovators in Cultural Heritage'.

The platform will be open to all innovators, researchers, practitioners, 'change-makers', entrepreneurs and 'end-users' of innovations. They will place innovative products and services to visit, register, share and to disseminate updates, news and events.

Virtual meetings, discussion rooms a market-place and will foster creation of new synergies between users.
The platform will be able to federate communities as well as register individual members under a common virtual environment where discussion and knowledge-sharing is fostered.
The Community will be officially launched 15 November 2018, during the event 'Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage'.

Innovators wall: innovative solutions for Cultural Heritage

'Click and discover the innovations that will be presented in the demo area of the Fair
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More information on the innovations is available on the Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage in the 'Innovations' page.

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